William Darcy… was that a Lizzieism?

My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the final page in my diary.

List of Reasons as to why Lizzie Bennet is perpetually single

For the anon that made the request, I’m so sorry this took so long but I hope you like it!


I’m trying to imagine the parade of casual lovers you think I’m keeping from you. I’m very careful with my heart, Gigi. Not many people get in.

A creative collaboration with the amazing Lisa.

so i take it that you're a supporter of gay marriage?


Also, please stop quoting Gurbani pangtiyaan that talk about husband-and-wife. You and I both know that the line is a allegorical explanation for the relationship our soul (the bride) has with our Lord (the Groom). 

Guru Granth Sahib Ji isn’t a book of laws.

maybe if i loved you less, i could talk about it more


get to know me meme: one web series → the lizzie bennet diaries


LBD Lookback Bonus #1
└ My Name is Lizzie Bennet and now I will answer your academic questions! ….. or something. Man i’m rusty.

I almost threw my back out last time. Oh, well that’s what you get for trying to restrain a lady against her will. As if I could ever get you to do anything against your will. Seriously though, you’re like unnaturally strong. It’s intimidating.

This woman gets me.

Also, when Ashley Clements wins her Oscar I will still call her a dumptruck face #always

I am not here to please you.(inspired by x)